The Rib Shop at Bukit Damansara

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The last time I was in KL, my friends took me to this great place for ribs. It specialises in pork ribs and wine, a rarity for Muslim-majority Malaysia. It was a great find: generous portions, good food, great waiters. Our server was kind enough to advise us not to OD on the appetisers. We reluctantly struck the mussel pot off our order and stuck to just deep-fried fresh cheese and fried calamari. Both were freshly made and were fantastic to whet the appetite while the eight (plus one) of us chatted up a storm. It was so great to see them after that many years that I forgot to take pictures of the appetiser. My bad.

The ribs stole the show. No wonder they pride themselves on the dish. I think our table had at least four variations on the theme. First up was my special of the day — ribs braised in mushroom sauce.  That mother of all rack of ribs was completely blanketed in the mushroom cream sauce. It was just rich and creamy enough to please but not overwhelm after the twentieth (!) mouthful of the stuff. The ribs themselves were so soft you could chomp up the cartilage too and of course it was falling off the bone. No pictures of the ribs undisguised by sauce because they were unpresentable after the animals got to them.


Also excellent was the ribs braised in red wine sauce. The same falling-off-bone tenderness, the same high standard for the sauce. I enjoyed how the red wine brought out the flavour of the ribs so well. The sides were good too. The rosemary potatoes, while ugly in the picture, scored top points for taste and sheer potato goodness. No nasty dried out roast potatoes here. The side salad also scored as the fresh mesclun lifted an otherwise stodgy dish.


There was also barbecued rib, which is probably the classic dish for the place. It was nicely charred and smoky and I liked the all-American flavour. By the time I got my little nibble, I was probably a bit sloshed, so not much more comments on that. No picture because, as mentioned earlier, the animals. Can’t stop them.

We also had a bottle of wine shared between the four wine-drinkers. It was awful. I take full responsibility for it because I defied the server’s recommendation to get a merlot. They had a great selection of those but I felt like something more robust and ended up with a bad Malbec instead. Nobody liked it. I am ashamed and have learned my lesson.

For those still interested, here are the notes for the Finca Sophenia Reserve Malbec (2007) from the Tupungato Mendoza region in Argentina. Deep red with red berry nose. Strong hard tannins create a mouth-puckering aftertaste. Awful. Gave me a headache to boot. Rating: 0/5 (Wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole)

The bill came up to RM82.50 including the wine, RM62.50 for food only.

The Rib Shop
120-122, Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights
50490, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-20961645


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