Wild Oats and Cider

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It was a long trek up to Mount Emily for this drinks session. Good thing the aircon was cold and the drinks came very promptly. The specials of the evening were two ciders, Weston’s Oak Conditioned Medium Sweet (4.5%) and Weston’s 1880 Extra Strong Premium (8%).

The Oak Conditioned Medium Sweet was pale yellow, sweet and very fragrant with lots of, well, red apple flavour. It tasted a bit like alcoholic Zapple, just a little less sweet. I liked it. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to quaff it like a soft drink.


The 1880 Extra Strong Premium was darker and heavier. It had a bit more depth and had a bit more bitter and fruit to it. Still quite Zapple-like. This time it tasted somewhat like Zapple mixed with a hoppy beer.


Long hike up notwithstanding, Wild Oats is a great place to chill out. The music is down tempo and unobtrusive and the building is old colonial, very atmospheric. We didn’t get our act together and order what are supposed to be very fabulous chicken wings or hot dogs, but we’ll do so next time.

Wild Oats
Emily Hill
11 Upper Wilkie Road
Tel: 6336 5413

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