Presidential Teh Halia

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I love teh halia (ginger milk tea). It’s my favourite coffee shop drink, closely followed by teh bing. Teh halia is only good when it’s made by a sarabat stall. I don’t know why, but it absolutely has to be made by a halal store. I was intrigued by the rumours that our President drinks the teh halia from this place at Marine Parade Hawker Centre.

For 80 cents, it was a very decent cuppa. Smooth milk and lots of tea taste. The ginger was very strident, something I’d have liked in my, erhem, young foolish salad days. It’s great if I’m in the area but I wouldn’t go there specially for the teh halia. I much prefer Rafee’s subtler brew.


Hilmi Sarabat Stall
Marine Parade Hawker Centre

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