Famous and Not-So at Tanjong Pagar Hawker Centre

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Tanjong Pagar Hawker Centre isn’t the most famous, but it’s got lots of good food. One of them is the Ipoh horfun stall at #02-21. In my excitement I forgot to take down the name, but it’s run by smiley duo who cook their food with love. My friend recommended ordering the macaroni instead of horfun, which wasn’t the best move because it was overcooked. Some of them were so soft the pasta actually split down the middle. Oh well, next time I’ll order the horfun version.

The mushrooms were plump and juicy while the chicken came in generous strips that were rather juicy for breast meat. The dollop of chilli gave a good kick to the dish though I found the brown sauce itself lacked a bit of oomph.


The soup really clinched it for me. It burst with clear, fresh flavours yet was light and almost refreshing. A big plus were the wantons which were stuffed with pure prawn and nothing else. It’s a good deal for $2.50!


(Sorry I forgot the name of this stall!)
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
#02-21, Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre

At the same hawker centre is Annie’s famous peanut ice kachang. While I’m not an ice kachang fan, Annie’s version is perfect for a hot day. Super soft and mushy red beans, sweet corn and of course ground peanuts lavishly cover a tower of sweetened shaved ice. Underneath lies black chinchow cubes and green chendol strips. The grainy, crunchy, chewy textures work very well with the bland, sweet and cold. Good stuff for $1.50.


Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
#02-36, Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre


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