August in China: Buddhas Everywhere Part Deux

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Before I let you readers get to the main attraction of the Leshan Buddha himself, I must let you have a look at the other curiosities in the main complex. There were some side temples with great columns of smoke rising from incense sticks.


In front were large old fashioned cauldrons filled with rather impressive flames for devotees to light their incense sticks.


And I spied in a quiet corner this intricately carved dragon-shaped hammer used to sound a gong to call monks to prayer.


In yet another one of the many side halls of the complex, I found a hall of bodhisattvas and luohan (fellas about to achieve enlightenment).


There were a gazillion of them set out in four perpendicular arms of the hall. Each one was different and some of them had very amusing expressions and stances.


This fella I christened the not-me-he-did-it Luohan.


He’s of course the I’m-always-the-unlucky-fall-guy Luohan.


Goes without saying, this is the I-pick-up-girls-oh-helloooo-there Luohan.


Last, not least the ugh-I’ve-seen-so-many-luohans-I’ve-got-a-splitting-headache Luohan.


Humour me, it was a long day!


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