Banana Milkshake Breakfast

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Sometimes I have time on weekend mornings but am way too lazy to make a proper breakfast, so I end up with breakfast in a glass. My cop-out breakfast has banana, milk and whatever else I find in the fridge that could go with it. I’ve added stuff ranging from passionfruit to yogurt to Yakult. One of these days I’ll probably try stirring in a spoonful of rolled oats for some bite and see how that flies.

I’m not going to provide a recipe here because it’s literally peel the banana, stick in blender cup, top with milk and add whatever else you fancy, then blend and drink up. Try all sorts of soft fruit, various milk products and their variations, and some untoasted cereal.



2 thoughts on “Banana Milkshake Breakfast

  1. Also add bacon and eggs, sausage and baked beans and you’ll have a full english breakfast. Black pudding optional 😛

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