Tonkatsu Sandwich Without the Sandwich

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I had a $5 voucher for Takashimaya’s food outlets at B2. Romankan Yokohama came to mind as I’ve been wanting to try their famous Tonkatsu Sandwich for a while. Somehow I got distracted by their sets and ended up with curry katsu! The curry sauce was very good. It was not too thick and starchy and had nice bits of carrot and shredded pork bits. And it was so good that DC, whose greed rivals mine, mopped it all up with the last bits of my rice.


The tonkatsu itself was not bad. It was crisp on the outside and firm-tender-moist on the inside. In my view, Tonkichi still wins, although granted that it’s twice the price. This place is for times when you can’t afford Tonkichi.


Romankan Yokohama
B2-04 Takashimaya

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