Public Service Announcement: Festive Season Eats

Hi all,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your lovely comments. The next few posts are going to focus on festive eating, partly because I have a glut of entries from the past Christmas, (birthday) and New Year eating, and partly because I’m having some technical problems with my travel photos.

OK fine I’ll tell you the story: I just changed computers and switched back from Ubuntu to Windows 7. The problem is that the two systems aren’t compatible and when I tried to transfer files using my portable hard drive, Windows 7 didn’t like it at all and formatted the hard drive instead. To make things worse, my old computer decided that it’s not going to start up anymore. Guess what, my travel photos are all inside the old computer.

I’m probably going to bribe ask someone over for a meal and to fix the problem for me. Anyone? 😉

In the mean time, it’s only eat and cook entries for a while till things get fixed. Happy eating and cooking!

Eat well, be well,

Wai San x


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