Ramen Showdown: Marutama

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The whole week was a week of ramen cravings for me. This time we went to Marutama, which I’d not had for years. I somehow never made it back to the one at Central because I found the restaurant a bit dingy and cramped for a meetup, plus memories of queues put me off. I quite liked the ambience of the branch at Liang Court. It’s still dark, but much smarter-looking.

We had chashu on the side. It wasn’t too bad, being tender and fatty with the bonus of being charred to order. It’s far too overpriced for the miserable four pieces you get though.


Now I really liked the aka ramen. It’s so different from other versions as the toppings are some kind of  seasoned chicken ball, coriander and a squeeze of lemon. Also, the broth is made of 12 types of nuts rather than pork stock. Sure, there was still the usual stuff like runny(ish) yolk egg, seaweed and sesame seeds, but here even the noodles were different. They were much thinner than the usual, resembling the instant noodle type of ramen more than the traditional sorts. I enjoyed the freshness of the coriander and lemon, and with the richness of the soup, it’s now my favourite ramen place.


Having said that, I still need to find a new favourite place for the more typical pork bone ramen. Suggestions anyone?

Marutama Ramen
177 River Valley Road
#02-01/02 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Tel: 6837 2480

3 thoughts on “Ramen Showdown: Marutama

  1. my fav is Ramen Santouka at Central, probably because there was an outlet in New York (well, New Jersey really ;p) and it brought back fond memories.. haha.. there is a queue if you go a bit later, but otherwise, it’s really worth a try. the pork may be a little too fatty for some though, so be warned!

    heard ippudo is opening soon too.. thats like a hot favourite in new york (and tokyo, i think!) but i found the soup a bit too “exotic” for my liking!

    • Hi Chay Ying! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 It’s too bad Santouka isn’t to my taste. I’ve been a few times but could never bring myself to blog about it. I’m still looking for my favourite!

  2. the saturday papers (i forgot was it straits times or the chinese paper) did a whole write up on the ramen shops in singapore! maybe you can check out all those recommended (if you haven’t already!) i’ll wait for your reviews! =))

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