Diving the Similans: Things That Made Me Sad

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Several things on the trip made me sad. One of them was the first injured fish I’d ever seen. I noticed this fish being unnaturally still on a sandy area. I thought it odd that somehow it didn’t quite seem alert and did nothing to move away or show that it noticed me when I moved in closer. Then I noticed that there was something wrong with its tail. Looks like it’d been bitten off and the fish was just waiting to die.


At least it’s natural for fish to get predated upon and go places to die. This sight here wasn’t at all natural and I was upset because our dive guide smeared himself on the sea floor to just for a picture. No doubt he wasn’t lying on living coral, but there are also creatures that live in the sand and they have equal right not to be disturbed like that. Especially not when their homes cave in when a diver lands smack in.


At least the schools of fish made me happy. Just watching the fish soup swirl past put me in a better mood.


Doesn’t it do that for you too?



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