July in Vietnam: By the River in Hoi An

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My next stop was Hoi An. Its name sounds a lot like “River Bank” in Cantonese and true enough, a big feature is the river than runs through it.


It’s an incredibly atmospheric town, as you can see from the riverside pictures.


With its junks and shophouses lining the banks, I found this a far more peaceful version of Singapore’s riverside.


There were plenty of cute little boats with little eyes painted on the hull to help navigate the river.


And there were plenty of “fishermen” casting their nets, not really for the fish…


… but really for the tourists to get a picture and for them to get a tip.


Despite how touristy this town was, there was definitely a lot of charisma and charm to it, from which Singapore ought learn.

Towards the end of the day, the light lent a soft veil over the buildings.


And as the light faded, the buildings, despite being restored, started to take on a slightly shabby look as they aged with the light.


They started looking almost like ochre postcards of the olden days in Singapore.


Only to come back to life when the lights came on in the dark.


Hoi An, what a charmer.


4 thoughts on “July in Vietnam: By the River in Hoi An

    • Thanks Content Guy! When do you go to Vietnam? No, I didn’t tip them. Luckily for me the other tourists in my group did.

  1. We are planning to visit Vietnam this Nov. Not sure if we want to do it “free & easy” or with a tour group yet though.

    • Really depends on your comfort level and how much independence and control you’d like balanced against convenience and someone else to do the planning for you. Let me know how it goes and whether you like Vietnam!

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