Vegan Burg: As Unhealthy As It Gets

One evening, DC ordered Vegan Burg delivery on a whim. At that point they had a starter pack offer consisting of two burgers, a pack of fries and a pack of franks.


The two burgers looked and tasted pretty much the same, except that the tangy tartar had slightly sour mayo and the cracked pepper one was, well, peppery. Duh.


The burgers were pretty good, with soft buns, ample lettuce, squidgy mayo and patties that had the vague taste and texture of chicken. If I didn’t know better, I’d’ve thought that it was a regular mystery meat-filled processed burger.


But no, this is mystery vegetable-filled processed food. The veggie franks were testament to that because they tasted exactly like any frank you’d get from the supermarket. I admit that they are tastier and burstier than normal franks, and are probably the paragon of franks. Notwithstanding, they are still highly processed and I shudder to think what’s inside real mystery meat franks. The fries were very excellent. Despite spending some time in transit, they were still just about crisp and the insides were nicely crumbly-melty. I liked the seaweed powder coating. It’s somewhat like McDonald’s samurai shaker fries, just probably a bit better.


Apparently this place uses organic whole grain in their buns and don’t use trans fat. I suppose if you’re going to eat fast food you may as well do less damage by going vegan.

Vegan Burg
44 Jalan Eunos
Tel: +65 6844 6868


2 thoughts on “Vegan Burg: As Unhealthy As It Gets

  1. I don’t find vegan any less unhealthy than non-vegan, really. I’d wager it’s all about the same, except for the whole “meat is bad for you and will kill you” thing.

    • Exactly! I’m thinking that fast food is so full of mystery what-nots that you might as well have it sans dodgy meat.

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