The Little Fish Shop

The Little Fish Shop is a casual restaurant run by the people behind Greenwood Fish Market. It’s in a little corner of NEX and isn’t easy to find as it’s away from the main drag of the fourth floor. We ended up going to the fifth floor and coming down again through King & King Wong, the homewares shop, before finally stumbling upon it. Let’s just say walk-in customers probably aren’t its mainstay.

We shared a lobster bisque to start. It was quite decent, thick with crustacean goodness, although I suspect much of its richness may come from prawn and not lobster. It was very enjoyable still, given that it was less than $10!


DC and I moved on to the hot seafood platter for two. It was massive. There was a wee bit of salad that attempted to make this a slightly healthier dish, but the fried soft-shell crab immediately puts paid to that idea! (I’m not a big fan of soft-shell crab, as it’s so hard to get it crisp without becoming oil-logged.) The grilled prawns were pretty decent, though could be fresher as one of them was on the verge of being mushy.


I liked how they cooked mussels and clams together in a rich broth infused with shallots, chilli and parsley. The shellfish complemented each other very well and the sweetness of the broth made us wish we’d saved some of our bread for this (we’d wolfed it all down with the soup). We soon found that chips weren’t half bad dipped in the shellfish broth either!


The calamari was probably the best part of the dish. I have a major soft spot for squid, especially grilled squid. This hit all the right spots with the squid done so just about chewy but not too chewy, charred nicely in parts and salted just so. It also went well with the tomato salsa on the side.


DC liked the fish and chips more than me. The batter was good and crisp, but slightly too thick, and it absolutely has to be eaten hot or it will be disappointingly soggy and oily. The fries were well done, crisp on the outside and meltingly soft inside. Again, don’t wait for them to get cold. Few places can make fries taste good when cold. Remember, there’s always the option of dunking them into the shellfish broth!


Little Fish Shop
NEX @ 23 Serangoon Central #04-15/16
Tel: +65 6634 7941


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