Quick Eats: Bali Nasi Lemak

Nestled in a side alley of Geylang is the best nasi lemak I’ve had. I’m not a nasi lemak fan and DC insisted on dragging me out for supper one night just to try this. It was completely worth our while to jump out of the car, grab a quick takeaway and scurry back home to savour. Since it was supper, DC bought just one packet with an incredible number of toppings for $7.50. You can’t even see the rice, it’s piled so high with food. There were two portions of “black” chicken – essentially fried chicken smothered with kicap manis (sweet black sauce). The chicken was somehow still slightly crispy even with the sauce and the black sauce wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. The sambal petai (stink beans) came with ikan bilis and was deliciously chewy and assertively fishy from the samban and the ikan bilis. The long beans in sambal were good too, the beans were still squeakily crunchy. Now for the star – the nasi lemak and its chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was again stellar because it was flavourful with belachan and not too sweet, as nasi lemak chilli is wont to be. The rice was impossibly fragrant considering it was just coconut milk and pandan added to the rice. Yes, it’s definitely possible to eat it on its own. Five stars for making a nasi lemak convert out of me.




Bali Nasi Lemak
2 Geylang Lor 15
Singapore 388596
Tel: +65 9069 6881
Open daily from 5.30pm till 4am

2 thoughts on “Quick Eats: Bali Nasi Lemak

  1. This looks soooooo good. We have to go when I’m back in Singapore…sometime….

    (I’ve realized that all my comments on your blog consists of drooling over your pictures.)

    • The real question is when ARE you back? 😉 Glad my blog is playing a small hand in reminding you of the delights of home :p

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