Mezzanote Gelato

DC and I were wandering around  Springleaf Estate when we chanced on a charming little gelato place called Mezzanote. It offers a wide range of gelati, not ice cream: gelati are made from milk while ice cream is made from custard, i.e. cream and eggs. Only with gelati can you get milk flavour as ice cream is by default custard flavoured. I immediately chose the fior di latte (meaning “flower of milk” or some such) and was pleased with the gentle and rounded milkiness of the icy treat. Next time, I’ll skip the cone and go for the cup: it’s not worth the extra charge.


DC wisely had the hazelnut flavour in a cup. It had a lovely aroma and wasn’t too oily or heavy, as some hazelnut ice creams or gelati tend to be. One of the better places around!


906M Upper Thomson Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6456 7382





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