Time for a Change, Perhaps?

It’s been a while since I last posted. Even my biggest fan, DC, has given up checking back because he knows I’ve been busy with other things.

It’s not easy to keep a blog. First, other things in life complicates the time and space to write the blog posts. Up till September, it was an especially busy work schedule coupled with illness, and then death, in the family. The funny thing is how one keeps chugging on, keeping the pieces together all the way until the difficult period passes. It wasn’t till October, when things lightened up somewhat, that I thought to myself – sod it, this blog is my outlet, why feel guilty about (not) keeping it up? I gave myself the month off, telling myself that I’d start again upon return from a R&R holiday. After my return, I did indeed upload photos to Flickr and block out the outline of the posts, but felt so exhausted at the end of it that it all still lies languishing.Β At about the same time, a friend asked how I stock my freezer. I happily wrote out a draft when I lost concentration at work, but it swiftly morphed into a long list.

I realise that it really should be less effort to keep up this blog. I’ll write shorter posts and perhaps put the photos into a montage instead of commenting on every photo. I’ll be less crazy about making sure the posts are balanced. Sometimes I eat out more and there are more great places to write about. Other times I cook a lot and there’s lots in that department. Yet other times, there’s nowhere worth eating at and I go back to the same trusty dishes I’ve been making. What do I do in these instances?

This led into some existentialist angst on behalf of the blog – the name itself keeps me to food and travel. Shocking as it is, food and travel aren’t the sum total of my obsessions. I bought some house cleaning gadgets in the past few months and would like to share some of my extensive online research on how to buy them and not to make the same mistakes I made! I also started playing Diablo 3 a lot more, and Starcraft 2 after pre-ordering the expansion pack. I also have a garden that I’m somewhat less interested in, but I hope to start on some herbs and vegetables at some point. How do I fit all this into this blog.

A name change seems to be on the cards. Does anyone read this blog still? If you do, let me know by commenting and let me know whether I should keep the name or change it. If it’s for change, what name do you suggest?


15 thoughts on “Time for a Change, Perhaps?

  1. How about just changing the tagline but keeping the title as it’s very searchable? Such as “eat.drink.cook.travel. and other ruminations”. Delete “photos, notes, recipes”.

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