thirty-something. survivor of quarter-life crises and more. eats anything from street food to molecular gastronomia. drinks anything from weak tea by the street to vintage champagne at the bar. cooks anything from two-ingredient vegetarian toss-ups to four-course meat fests. travels on anything from twenty dollars a day to five-star luxury. still hasn’t eaten, drunk, cooked nor travelled enough.

tells it like it is. hasn’t had the luxury of having a restaurant sponsor her meals. has had to pay for all her meals, with the very occasional expensed meal. more frequently now, a significant other steps in and takes the tab. she adores that.


6 thoughts on “about

  1. WOW! I found my self reading every word and eager to read the next line and for an ADHD person thats a lot to ask. My son and I are building a replica of the ruins at atthya and found the headless buddhas are a result of the burmese over taking the area and beheading the statues in a rage. You are a skilfull and quite lovely writer and it was a pleasure to follow your travel blog through Thialand. Say hello to your signficant other Tom for us here in Southern California. Like you I have not traveled nearly enough, Spain, Germany, Denmark(48hrstalk about exhausted)! Monaco and Italy. Thanks so much for the ride along.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Joe! Glad that you’re enjoying the blog. I’m posting on my recent dive trip to Layang Layang soon, and then on a month-long trip to Vietnam. Tom is a friend I met in Thailand, you’ll read more about adventures with my significant other, DC, in the Layang Layang blog. Happy reading and please let me know how you like the coming posts!

  2. i like the way you write and the photos you posted are very vivid and colorful…please keep me posted on your next travel…had been to indonesia (java), thailand (chiang mai and bangkok), taipei, taiwan, and okinawa, japan…but all these were connected with the profession i have…not like yours… i did not think or did what you did in the places you’d been to…

    • Thanks for dropping by Amie 🙂 I guess it’s about being aware of where you are and finding the little pockets to look around. I occasionally blog about my own business trips too. Stay tuned!

  3. Hello! I came across your gorgeous blog while researching about Bali. I’ve always wanted to take a PADI Dive Course, and seeing your amazing photos inspire me even more. How long have you been diving for? And what camera do you use? Keep up this awesome blog! Love reading it. (:

    • Thanks Nicole. You should definitely take up diving if you like the sea and are comfortable in the water! I’ve been diving for about 5 years now and haven’t looked back 🙂

      For the 2008 photos, I used a Fuji f100 for underwater pictures and a Casio Exilim for the (kinda crappy) land pictures. Now I use a Canon S90, which is supposedly a great camera, but I like it far less than my dead (RIP!) f100.

      When are you going to Bali?

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