Chin Mee Chin

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Chin Mee Chin is an East Coast institution. I wonder how many generations have run that venerable old coffee shop. You have to eat in at this place, there’s something about the round marble table tops, the dark wood chairs  and the Old School mosaic floor that make the experience so special. Those and the glass  cases filled with all sorts of baked temptations.

What draws me here is the great kaya toast. Here it’s done on a well-toasted bun lovingly slathered on both sides with their signature kaya. It’s thick and very sweet compared to other famous versions. It’s also very very good. I indulge only occasionally because the butter probably bypasses my digestive system and goes straight from throat to  heart. Mmm mmm good!


The custard tart is one of those cult favourites of the East Coast set. I think it takes growing up eating these to appreciate them. It wasn’t such a big deal to me. The custard was acceptable and the pastry tasty, but it didn’t make my toes curl in bliss.


Chin Mee Chin Coffeeshop
204 East Coast Road
Tel: 63450419