Al Fresco Dining Next to a Monsoon Drain

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We’ve had takeaway crabs from Big Eater before but this was the first time we tried it out for dinner. It had a lovely riverside ambiance, even though the river is really more of a monsoon drain (yeah we know it’s Sungei Bedok, but a concrete drain is a concrete drain). The evening we went, it was so breezy that we asked the staff to switch off the overhead fan. Adding to the cheery atmosphere were crab shells decorated by creative customers.


The food was pretty decent. I enjoyed what they called the hotplate tofu. It might as well be called chilli prawns with tofu since the sauce was quite spicy considering that we asked for less chilli. And check out the number of prawns in this dish!


We came here for the crab. This time we took the crab beehoon, one of the specialty dishes. It was decent, but not fantastic, especially since there’s a cze char stall in Pasir Ris that serves a far superior version. No less, there was fresh meaty crab and springy noodles. Too bad the soup, while made creamy with evaporated milk, wasn’t aromatic enough. There was something missing, and it certainly wasn’t the msg. Got thirsty after downing half a bowl of the soup.


The cereal prawn passed the taste test as the fresh juicy jumbo prawns were nicely offset with a light curry leaf flavour. I found that the oats were not crisp enough though my dining companions thought otherwise. I also prefer cereal prawns to be smaller so I can crunch up the prawn whole. It adds to the flavour. Hardly anyone serves this dish with smaller prawns these days so I shan’t quibble.


The deep-fried soon hock was pretty decent. Fish was done so crisp that you could chomp through the small bones and fins. I liked the extra touch of deep fried ginger generously sprinkled on top. Too bad the sauce was a touch too salty. They need to lighten up on the soy sauce.


What I really liked was the sambal kangkong. The sambal was aromatic and tasted freshly made. The colours really popped with bright red and deep emerald green inviting you to eat more. And of course the kangkong was young and crisp-tender. One of the best sambal kangkong dishes I’ve had in a while. I leave you with this picture I hurriedly snapped before the last few bits were snapped up.


The damage? $145 for four people, including two drinks. Not bad if you want to go somewhere decent without queueing or paying crazy prices.

Big Eater Seafood
34 Jalan Pari Burong

Picardy Gardens

Tel: 6245 7268