November in China: Shaoxing’s Most Famous Son

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Aside from its wine and stinky tofu, Shaoxing is especially famous for the writer and intellectual, Lu Xun. The whole historic quarter of the town is devoted to his memory. Here, the boats in the canals form a pretty backdrop to the various Lu Xun museums dotting the area.


Just by showing our passports at the ticket office, we got a free combination ticket to see all the various museums. They were pretty much a few houses with exhibits showcasing the different aspects of Lu Xun’s life. One of them displayed various portraits of Lu Xun’s family.

Here’s a rather depressing charcoal of his father.


And a dour facsimile of his paternal grandfather.


His mother, from whom he takes his pen name, looks very kind and maternal.


Sadly, I can’t say the same for his scary dragon-lady lookalike grandmother.


Here’s Lu Xun’s badly maintained bedroom. Shame on them for leaving the room to bare wire and damp floors. I couldn’t get close enough to get a good photo, the hordes of tourists kept pressing in around me.


And out we popped into the open, where there was a singer performing Cantonese opera, of all things. Of course, everyone had to take photos and I certainly wasn’t an odd one out here.


The domestic tourists came in packs and there really was no fighting them. Just go with the flow and all will be well. Take copious photos just like the rest of them.


Children are well-pampered here, especially if they’re out on a trip with their family. Here, this little boy poses for a picture, channeling Lu Xun as a child. He sat at his grandmother’s feet listening to her many folk tales. Some of these stories subsequently went on to influence his works.


It’s just as well that entry was free. It took us about two hours to finish the entire complex, then we went off to search for more food to eat and more wine to buy (and drink).


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