Peperoni Pizza

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I’d wanted to go to Peperoni for a while and was delighted when Misa wanted to check it out too. We had girly gossip over the most amazing truffle pizza where the truffle was earthy and almost buah keluak-like in flavour. The thin crust was excellent and freshly made, I how loved the flavours of yeast and bread and the crisp-chewy texture of the crust mingled and really made this pizza work. It’s not just the truffle and melted cheese, it’s also the excellent crust that made this pizza. It’s not quite perfect though, because the egg wasn’t runny as it should be. Still, a small defect. I’m going back for more soon!


It was a pity that the linguine vongole had an off day. The clams weren’t very fresh and it affected the whole dish. Such a waste since this dish is potentially such a winner. I hope they do this better the next time I get there!


Peperoni Pizza
6 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park
Tel: 6465 6556


4 thoughts on “Peperoni Pizza

    • Oh yes that’s right! The vongole was much better when we went back on a Friday evening, so I suppose vongole’s better on Friday than Saturday?

  1. Dear eatdrinkcooktravel,

    Thank you for your review on your recent experience at Peperoni Pizzeria. It was indeed a pity that the vongole was a miss that evening you dined with Misa, and we’re glad you came back for another round with us.

    We will work to ensure that our dishes, including the vongole, will be in tip-top taste and texture every day, not just on Fridays.

    Have a great week ahead, and we hope to have you back at the pizzeria soon!

    Best regards,
    for the Les Amis Group

    • Thanks for dropping by Adelene! Glad that you trawl the web on comments on Peperoni (and I presume also the rest of the Les Amis group). Keep up the good work at Peperoni and yes I plan to go back to try more of the menu!

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